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December 08 2013


Shula Rajaonah new homepage

Que toutes nos pensées soient telles que si on te demandait à tout instant ce que tu penses tu puisses toujours l'avouer sans honte.

November 13 2012


"L'amour partagé, mangé et bu ensemble. Et dans chaque bouchée que tu portes à ta bouche, dans chaque gogée sur la langue, une certitude: tu es aimé(e)" Christiane SINGER

 Shula means “flame” in Arabic, Shula is among Baghdad’s most impoverished neighborhoods.Bless the people of Shula in Jesus name. In Jesus’ holy name we declare victory by faith with your Holy Spirit reigning in the lives of those who love and seek you in Shula. Father, I ask in prayer that You may cover Shula and it’s people with Your presence and Your peace. .

Shula rajaonah est infiniment sympathique, charmante, conciliante. en effet, shula est aussi énergique, courageuse et combative. sa sensibilité et son émotivité sont grandes. sa vision de la vie est large et idéaliste et shula a des aspirations élevées. la plupart du temps shula se révèle rêveuse et suggestible. shula peut aussi apparaître bavarde et spontanée, vive et rapide.


Lord God Almighty, we pray that You would work in the hearts and minds of the people of Shula. Help them to be aware of the desire to know You that is deep within their hearts and show them the way to Your Salvation. Provide for the people of Shula both physically and spiritually. Father, I pray that You may continue to keep Your eyes upon Shula.< 

I pray, Father that the people in Shula may feel Your never ending love just as I do today. In Jesus’ name I ask You to shield the righteous in Shula and strengthen them every day, Amen. Dear Lord we pray steadfastly for the city and region of Shula. Bring your witness to those who live here and to those without hope. Help them turn to you in their time of need and find salvation and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ. Give your hope and blessings oh Lord to the area called Shula.


LORD, today I bless Shula in the mighty name of Jesus! Let His name be high and lifted up throughout the whole city. Let all who call on Your name be full of joy, hope and peace. Let the good news of Your salvation be spoken and even shouted out in the streets. And may You receive honor and glory - all that is due You. Amen. ord, please continue Your presence in Shula. Guide the peace loving people and protect them from evil. Lord, make Shula a place that honors Your name and enable all who work towards peace to accomplish this goal. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Heavenly Father,have mercy on the people of Shula. Send out your light and your truth and rescue then from the powers of darkness.



March 28 2011


August 25 2010

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